14.12.2022 - Lavazza

We present Aladina, the new Lavazza Coffee Maker designed by Cino Zucchi

Can an object constitute the daily background of our life and at the same time be loved for its inimitable character?

This is Aladina’s aspiration: to reach the obvious dimension of everyday objects and the iconic strength of the great design “classics”.

The strongly identifiable form of Aladina is the successful outcome of two parallel stories’ crossover: one of the forms of coffee makers over time – from the “Napoletana” to the Moka to the Carmencita designed by Marco Zanuso – and that of the iconic objects associated with the Lavazza world.

The name of the character of an exotic fairy tale transfigured into a feminine one identifies an object that aspires to the simplicity and familiarity of household furnishings – silent helpers of our daily lives – and at the same time to embody the changing values of a society in constant motion.

Visual identity, packaging design and adv (digital & print) by Bellissimo 1998

Designed by architect Cino Zucchi, the new Lavazza Aladina coffee maker features a simple shape that comes from by doubling the classic Lavazza cup, from which it takes the angle and handle. The technical sophistication of the coffee pot and its patented filter – able to distil coffee with a unique taste – are hidden behind a simple mechanism capable of reflecting the home intimacy and convivial moments in the mirrored finish of its stainless steel, accompanying our life for many years to come.

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