06.02.2023 - Torino, Italy

CZA wins the international competition for the Cavallerizza Reale in Turin

The group led by CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti and Politecnica, with Tatiana MiloneDotdotdotStratosferica and Alberto Artioli, has won the international competition for the design, restoration, and re-functionalization of the Cavallerizza Reale complex in Turin.

The contest looked to create an outstanding cultural center in the heart of the city by mixing together new cultural, educational, hospitality, social, and administrative functions.


The new Piazzetta del Bagolaro

Our project philosophy aims to bring to life a new place that facilitates dialogue among diverse audiences, creating spaces that host new cultural, work, and leisure activities, involving a series of punctual interventions that amplify the character of the city.

The goal of our project is to regenerate the Cavallerizza by reinterpreting the existing architecture and by combining urban experience with a collective commitment to nature. This demonstrates that the historic Turin has room for contemporary interventions that enhance the transformation of both individual and social behaviour.

Passaggio Chiablese from the entrance on via Rossini

The team extends its sincere congratulations to the other participants in the competition for their outstanding architectural proposals: Anne Lacaton (Lacaton et Vassal Architects), who received an honorable mention for their philosophical approach and guidelines for the re-functionalization of the Maneggio Alfieriano; Adam Caruso (Caruso St John Llp); Inge Vinck (Architecten Jan de Vylder Inge Vinck); Piero Paolo Guicciardini (Guicciardini & Magni Architects) and Alberto Lessan (Balance Architettura stp srl).

A special thanks also go to the jury and organizers of the competition: Compagnia di San Paolo, the University of Turin, the Municipality of Turin in agreement with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Ordine degli architetti di Torino e Milano, and the Architecture Foundation/Turin.

For more information, visit Concorrimi platform.

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