13.09.2023 - Platform Architecture

“Fail. Fail again. Fail better.” – Conversation with Cino Zucchi on Platform #42

The latest issue of Platform #42 features an interview with Cino Zucchi, conducted by Luca Molinari. 

Cino Zucchi on Platform
Platfform #42

Talking with Cino Zucchi, one of the most accomplished and respected architects in contemporary European architecture, means looking and thinking about the role of research as an instrument for poetic and critical exploration of the present time and its concerns and worries, and doing so without descending into facile rhetoric yet while focusing on the central issues for a reconsideration of the role of design for the near future.” 

Cino Zucchi Platform
A preview of the conversation with Cino Zucchi on Platform #42

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Photo by Guido Stazzoni for Platform