28.03.2024 - Milan Design Week

“Capricci”, an art exhibition by Lisa Ivory at CZA Studio

On the occasion of this year’s Milan Design Week, starting April 10th, CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti studio is proud to host the exhibition by Lisa Ivory called “Capricci”. Lisa Ivory’s sophisticated images investigate strangeness and rarity while still using a classical formal language; her works have been showcased in several cutting-edge galleries in Europe and the USA, and for the first time they will be seen in Milano.

The paintings composing “Capricci” have been especially realized for this occasion, representing a new line of artistic research stemming from established figural themes by Lisa – mysterious ghost-like or beastly figures, nymphs, skeletons – on the backdrop of Arcadic landscapes mixing architectural ruins, abandoned shrines, enigmatic artifacts along with a somehow menacing vegetation.

Always curious about unexpected artistic explorations and cultural cross-contaminations, CZA is happy to dedicate an entire wall of its studio space in Via Revere 8 to act as a backdrop to the work of an artist we have been admiring since some years, and that in our eyes introduces a unique contemporary twist in a long-lasting figural tradition.

Lisa Ivory

Capricci Art Exhibition
Lisa Ivory art exhibition

Text from the artist:

“There really was only one theme I could have chosen for this show of work in an Architects’ practice: fantastical ruins.

In this suite of paintings, landscapes are littered with buildings and shrines in various states of disrepair. They are occupied by a Wildman, who occasionally interacts with a female human figure. There is a Rake’s Progress of sorts, with a skeletal Death figure interrupting the discourse between these characters. The Beast attempts sympathetic magic by scrawling images into a landscape.”

Lisa Ivory lives and works in London, UK. Her artworks explore the concept of “otherness” and its inherent duality of fear and attraction. She creates fantastic worlds of mythical creatures, referencing wild men, chimeras, hybrids, anomalies, spectres and other classical narrative archetypes. Lisa Ivory graduated from St Martins School of Art with a B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art (Painting) in 1988 and her work has been shown in some of the most discerning galleries of Europe and USA, gaining international attention and acclaim.

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CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti studio, via Revere 8 in Milan


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From April 11th to May 10th, 2024

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