12.01.2024 - INTERNI Magazine

Architecture research in today’s context – Cino Zucchi’s interview in INTERNI magazine

Cino Zucchi’s interview by Elisa Massoni featured in the series #Storie2024 on INTERNI magazine.

“Cino Zucchi reflects on what it means to conduct research today, ranging from the analysis of contemporary architectural themes to the definition of an avant-garde not cannibalized by the mainstream. When discussing research, Zucchi draws connections from Ken Loach to Ėjzenštejn, from technology to ethical commitment. He is wary of background noise and the slogans that replace quality; in this interview, he specifies the realms of cultural reflection and seeks the opportunity to contemplate, change, and make mistakes in order to explore new paths.

Read the inspiring interview by Elisa Massoni in Interni magazine.

Read the full story (in italian) on internimagazine.it

On the cover, a rendering of the ongoing project Cavallerizza Reale.